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Your guide to virtual viewings and valuations

We've put together this guide to give you everything you need to know about our virtual viewings and valuations service.

Virtual viewings are particularly helpful for buyers or renters who aren’t entirely sure whether the property is suitable for them. It means they can see more properties in a day, at any time they like, in any part of the country. It also means that sellers and landlords can showcase their property to thousands, without the disruption of a physical viewing.

In fact, virtual viewings have proven so popular with would-be buyers and renters that some are willing to put in an offer on a home without conducting a physical viewing at all. Even with lockdown being eased and the Government allowing socially distanced viewings, we believe virtual viewings and valuations are still the first steps forward.

How do Virtual Viewings actually work?

Virtual viewings are a means of viewing properties without leaving the comfort of home. They are convenient for a potential buyer or tenant and mean the seller can open up their listing to a much wider audience. There are three main types of virtual viewings and we also offer virtual valuations for those looking to sell or let.

Video Trailers

These video tours give would-be buyers and renters a better sense of the property. They provide a simple walkthrough of each room through a series of clips that have been expertly put together. It’s a great way to get a better sense of space, layout and the general feel of a home and are available to view anytime on our property pages. Please note that Video Trailers do not include an agent on hand to answer questions and queries.

Online Viewings

Online Viewings use the interactive Smart Viewing platform and allow our agents to talk a potential buyer or tenant through an entire property remotely. A viewing like this provides extra reassurance at a time when COVID19 is making it difficult for some people to physically view homes. The agent will be on hand to answer any potential questions and guide viewers from room to room. It also means sellers can sit back and have their properties viewed time and time again without coming into contact with people in their home.

360 Online Viewings

This gives potential buyers and renters a 3D walkthrough of each room, enabling them to fully explore a property; entering and exiting rooms, and digitally walking through outdoor spaces and gardens. The 360 online viewing creates a visual image of a property using accurate measurements of rooms. It even allows zooming in and out of properties to give viewers more control and a realistic experience.

How to book a virtual viewing

You can book a viewing by searching our properties for sale or rent. When you find one you’d like to view virtually, you can request a viewing by pressing the ‘Arrange a Viewing’ icon and a member of our team will then get in touch.

Virtual Valuation

Although socially distanced valuations are now currently allowed, some sellers or landlords might not want agents in their homes, physically. That’s why we now offer virtual valuations. On a call or video call, our local agents can offer an accurate price based on the latest market conditions and advice on how to maximise your property’s value.

How to book a valuation

Book a valuation by pressing the ‘Get a free valuation’ icon. It’ll take you to a page where you can either choose a quick online valuation or a more in depth expert valuation. If you’d like an expert valuation, fill in a few details and a member from your local branch will get in touch to conduct your virtual valuation. 

If you are a would-be buyer or renter, and you’d like to explore our properties, click here for properties for sale and here for rent.

If you’re thinking of selling or letting your property, you can start by getting a valuation here.